Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things getting back to normal

Well today the weather finally gave the fishermen a break. We had blue skies, warmer weather and less wind. It seemed (for some) that the nicer weather helped the fishing. We are still not seeing great numbers of fish across the board, but some boats are doing ok. If nothing else, it was a beautiful day to be on the lake. Many of the guys finally got a chance to be a bit more adventurous and they explored areas beyond the lighthouses. We also had one small group take advantage of the nice weather as they fired up a tasty shore lunch. I even got out fishing! For the first time this season I got out on Red Lake to fish. I did not catch any trout, but I did catch a bunch of eater size walleyes. I also caught 2 of the fattest walleyes I have seen in a while. One was 25" and the other was 23". They were both incredibly strong and fought like pike. They had to be 3 or 4 inches thick. Way to big for cheezers, so back they went.

I would like to thank all of the 'Bloggers' who continue to send me pictures. Still looking for some more camp record fish though.

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Bill with a 41 1/4" pike

This is what a BBL potential camp record
pike looks like. 49.5" and 30 lbs.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And we thought it was windy last week...

Yesterday the wind blew steadily strong from the South with gusts that lifted off some of the roofing on the cabins. Throw in some rain, thunder and lightning and you have some tough conditions to fish in. Today, the wind is from the North and just as strong as it was yesterday from the south. Not as much rain, but the temps have dipped below 55 degrees; it is July right???  Luckily for some of the braver fishermen, the fish will bite in these uncomfortable conditions. We are not seeing really big fish or huge numbers of fish, but they are catching some. Personally, I stay right on the dock to catch my lunch (6 fish in 30 min and right back to work). 

Steve with a nice 23" walleye

Steve with a very hefty 33" pike. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Looking for the biggest and best...

I have updated the 2014 biggest pike, walleye and trout pages. I am also starting to put together a BBL all time biggest fish of each species. I get asked weekly about this, so I figured I would just list the top 10 of each on the Blog. So, if you have caught or know someone who has caught a very large fish while at Black Bear Lodge, please send me the pic and/or info about the catch. Spread the word because I do not want to leave someone out. I will be going through years of photos as well as looking on the table pics and pics throughout camp. Black Bear Lodge has been around for 60+ years, so I am hoping to get some good pics. If you send a picture to our email ( please include Name, Date, Size and Location(if known). A short story or recap of the catch would be even cooler. Come on gang lets find those fish!

I already posted some monster fish on the blog but need some details yet and to help get the momentum started... this is what I know as the biggest caught from our camp (unofficially)...
Walleye = 32"
Pike = 50"
Trout = 42"
Muskie = 46"

Feel free to add other species if you wish.
My biggest Burbot was 32". Anyone top that?
Perch = 12"
White fish = ?
Small mouth = ?

more pics from last week

Here are few pictures that just got sent to me, enjoy...

Joel Raak with a couple of his nicer catches.

Not just about the fishing

The Yorkville group playing games in the
main lodge Friday night. 

A few kid pics.