Monday, August 15, 2016

2 week summary...

No we have not been closed and we did not go on vacation. We have had 2 very busy, yet fun, weeks here at camp. Two weeks ago we had lots of friends and family come visit. That usually means extra fishing and hanging out time for us, as we like to spend as much time with them as possible. The fishing was good and the entertainment was even better. Biggest fish was a 40 inch pike caught by my brother John. Everyone in camp caught their share of quality fish, though.

Last week was also another fun filled week with mostly returning guests along with my best friend Mike and his family. Somehow the veteran Black Bear guests seem to always find a way to side track me and my camp duties. To many late nights hanging out definitely did not help my blogging. All of this entertainment, along with bear baiting for the upcoming hunters, made the week fly by.
For those keeping track, fishing last week was very good also. Lots and lots of eater size walleyes with some decent sized pike mixed in. I think we ate fish almost every day! YUM!!

Thanks to everyone who entertained us for the past two weeks. It was truly great fun for our whole family!

Jim with a very rare Tiger Musky caught on Red Lake

This is why you never put your hand near the mouth of this fish!


Plus this...

Equals THIS!

Followed by a nap.