Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spring Bear Hunt

Here is a quick summary of how the spring black bear hunt went...

We had 5 hunters last week. While the trail cameras showed some pretty good bear movement, only three of the hunters harvested a bear. All of the hunters did see bear however.

Thank you to all of the hunters for another very memorable week. Jillian and I miss you guys already.

Here are some pics of the bears...stories to follow...

Olivia's Bear

Cyndi's Bear

Brody's Bear

Amazing first week!

I can not believe the first full week is over. With a camp filled with fisherman and hunters, there is A LOT to write about. I will try to get everyone caught up today and tomorrow. With a slow internet and many stories and pictures to post, along with camp chores, this will have to be done in stages so keep checking back. I would have gotten a bunch of this done last night but, just after sitting down at my desk ready to blog, I took a peak out my window and saw that the northern lights were coming out. Myself and a few guests spent a few late night hours watching a pretty good show. Sorry, good lights trump the blog.

One sentence summary...phenomenal walleye fishing, really good pike fishing, some good bears (one monster trophy color phase), and amazing friends!!!

Here are just a few of the great fish that were caught in the last ten days.