Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Cabin Update

Well the new cabin is almost done. It has doors, windows, beds, and has been nearly cleared of all tools and mess. I just need to seal some cracks and hook of the fuel oil stove and it will be ready for guests. I will still have some more little things to do, but they are on hold until maybe next spring. Tough to do the final touches at the end of the season when we are trying to get ready for shut down and prepare for the bear hunters.
Below are some recent pics of the nearly completed project....

View from the big front porch

Monday, August 12, 2013

2 more nice bears!

This is a big boar at a site called North Wall

The next 4 pics are from Goldielocks

So far bating is going well and bear activity is very good. I just hope the forecasted warmer weather
will not affect the bear movement too much. Still plenty of berries out there, so they should remain in close.

Fishing is steadily improving also. The boys are catching some good numbers of walleyes and the sizes seem
to be increasing as well. Hopefully the steady weather pattern will get the fish back to where they belong.