Monday, May 27, 2019

Limited blogging

For those faithful blog followers, I will not be posting on this site most of the summer.
The reason is because of the data allowance that we have through our satellite internet service.
I can not post to Facebook and this site every time I want to share something.
So I will be mostly posting updates and pictures to our facebook page.
I realize not everyone is using facebook, so am sorry. I too, am not on facebook much at all. Mainly for Black Bear stuff. You can easily set it up that you only visit our Black Bear Lodge page and ignore everything else Facebook "offers".
Again, sorry for the lack of posting here, but the service has us limited.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Movie - Lake Trout 2018

2018 Biggest Fish (other)

Here is a summary of the biggest fish (other species) caught by our guests in 2018...
Perch - 29 at or above 10 inches
Biggest - 11 inches caught by Kevin Qualtos
Burbot - 2 total
Biggest - 25 inches caught by Atticus Mike Subat
Smallmouth Bass - 3 from Red Lake
Biggest - 15 inches caught by Jeff S., Martin T., 
and Tyler E.

2018 Biggest Trout

Here is a summary of the biggest Trout caught by our guests in 2018...
103 total trout caught
64 at or above 30 inches
3 at or above 38 inches
Biggest - 40 inches caught by Dick Kirgan

2018 Biggest Pike

Here is a summary of the biggest Pike caught in 2018...
29 at or above 40 inches
10 @ 40
10 @ 41
6 @ 42
1 @ 43
2 @ 44
Biggest - 44 inches caught by John Parcin and Jeffery Spirek.

2018 Biggest Walleyes

Here is a summary of the biggest walleye caught by our guests in 2018...
253 at or above 25 inches
53 at or above 27 inches
3 at or above 29 inches
Biggest - 30 inches caught by Boone Thorgesen

Saturday, August 11, 2018

August is off with a bang

The past two weeks have been great for both fishing and guests. As it has been most of the summer, walleye fishing is great, pike fishing good, and other species are hit or miss...guests...fantastic.
A big thanks to all of the groups that came throw these past few weeks. I am sorry I did not get all of the picture up on this blog. I am running two sites this year (this blog and our Facebook page). Because of our data allowance restriction on our internet, I am not always putting pics up on both sites.
But here are a couple of pics from last week...

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Back to business

Well after a nice break from a schedule, we are back to business around here. 7 groups totaling 30 guests has given a much better picture of the fish activity on Red Lake. The answer...very good!
Lots  and lots of eater sized walleyes (14-18inches) with quite a few overs (19-25 inches). Already this week we have had a few over 26 and even a 28 inch. Pike fishing is still a little slow, but there have been a few big ones (near 40 and 40+). Just a couple of lake trout (biggest is 37 inches).
Today the wether is unseasonably cool with all day (on/off) rain. Many guests decided to sleep in, have walleye chowder soup for lunch and just fish for a couple of hours.Hopefully fishing activity with ramp up tonight..I like seeing those big fish!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Family Week

We just started our only week off of the year. Today we went and visited our good friends Keith and Debbie at their camp down in Ear Falls. This is something we can only do when there are no guests in camp. The kids spent the day swimming and kayaking while the adults enjoyed the beautiful weather and had adult conversations. We have many great friends in and around the Red Lake area, but as camp owners, it is extremely hard for us to leave camp and visit very often. So, safe to say, we really enjoyed our day...great weather, great food, and great friends!

As for the fishing report...we had a very small week last week and,of course, no guests this week...but from what we have is still good! Jillian and I have ramped up our fishing time and we have had no problem catching walleyes. Mostly eaters 13-18 inches, biggest is 25 inches. We even managed to catch some lake trout as well (nothing too big though). I did have 2 REALLY big trout on for 5-10 minutes before losing one to a bite off and the other just let go. Oh well, still a fun 10 minutes.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How many trips have you made?

I posted this on our facebook page also (BLACK BEAR LODGE -Red Lake Ontario)

I am curious to find out how many years you have made a trip to Black Bear Lodge.

Send me an email or post on the facebook page. If you do not do Face book at all...I will repost the list here also.

52 years - 1964 Jim Kalina
47?? - 196? Jim Anderson
40?? - 1965? Pete George

36 years - 1982 Tim Siemsen
34 years - 1984 Mark Dams (47 trips, 84 weeks, 588 Days)
33 years - 1985 Jim Slavich
30+years- 1972 Eric Runde
31 years - 1987 Peter Cichy
30?years -1983 Dan Siemsen
30 years - 1982 Jim Still
25 years - 1993 Ken Thorgesen
25 years - 1990 Ron Willaims
24 years - 1986 Tony Emil Cargola
22 years - 1981 Warren Bjork
21 years - 1997 Jillian Slavich
20 years - 1989 Adam Kuncl
20 years - 1996 Dan Heth
17 years - 1974 Nick Forte
12 years - Joel (doc) Raak
10 years - 2002 Eric Helzing
10 years - 2008 Scott Ertman
10 years - Josie Slavich
9 years - 1999 Matt and Jason Brulport
8 years - 1999 Adam Vaughn
6 years - Jeremiah Slavich
5 years - 2013 Jim Celeski