Saturday, June 14, 2014

week 5 is in the books

Thanks to all of the groups for another great week...lots of fun, lots of fish, and lots of tasty shore lunches. Below I have included a bunch more pics from the Pivas and Victims groups (you gotta give me the pics to have the posted :) )  I have also updated/added some more pics to the sunset and fish pics posts. Overall, fishing was quite good this past week. Eventhough I did not get to see pictures from everyone, I heard that there were lots of walleyes caught this week, including many over 20 inches. And like the previous weeks, there were many pike in the 34-40+ range. This was also the best week for lake trout as well.

The new groups arriving today will be starting off the week with cold front conditions. We will not hit 60 deg until maybe Monday and the wind is forecasted to blow pretty steady along with some rain. Good luck to all of the groups and dress warm. Lets keep the good fishing streak going.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A nice 32 inch trout

Here is a recipe to make a great day at camp even greater...

 Take some of these... a little of this...

...and you end up with this!!! Jealous?

Fire update and kid pics

The Medicinestone fire is being held and is not threatening our camp. We also had some rain over the past couple of days which will help in keeping the fire contained. Even though I know they will probably not be reading this Blog, I would like to thank the MNR and fire rescue department for their amazing effort and dedication in preventing the fires from getting out of control and endangering any lives or buildings. THANKS!!!

The rest of this Blog is all about our kids. They absolutely love their Black Bear Lodge home and all of the amazing people that come through week after week. Enjoy the cuteness....