Saturday, May 13, 2017

For the hunters...

Ok boys (and girls), I have the first couple of trail cam pics for you.
I did not get many yet, but after just a day and half, I think this is a good start.
Only one came during shooting hours, but the really good news looks like "Big Boy"
and "Pretty Boy" are back!!

I will be back at it tomorrow.

This looks like the bear we call "Big Boy"

And this is "Pretty Boy".

Monday, May 8, 2017

Enjoying our time at camp.

As per usual, our trip up to Canada was anything but quick. We ambled along 
making a few stops for fuel, food, sleep, and to just get out of the truck for a while.
The good vehicle issues, immigration, allowed us back into Canada, and 
the weather was pretty good (other than one cold morning). 

Once at camp, it was "business" as usual. Mom and Dad working like mad to 
get our cabin opened up, generator running, water system working ect, etc.
And of course we did not forget about Josie's 8th birthday and her traditional 
donut breakfast in bed. Jeremiah joined in as well. 

Even Jeremiah volunteered to help clean our cabin.

The kids even got to have their first camp fire of the season.

It does not happen much...but it sure feels good to to
 put my feet up and enjoy the view.

Even though I have not landed a lunker sized pike just yet...
I was able to get a couple of eater sized ones for my first shore 
lunch of the year. I guarantee it will not be my last!