Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Back to business

Well after a nice break from a schedule, we are back to business around here. 7 groups totaling 30 guests has given a much better picture of the fish activity on Red Lake. The answer...very good!
Lots  and lots of eater sized walleyes (14-18inches) with quite a few overs (19-25 inches). Already this week we have had a few over 26 and even a 28 inch. Pike fishing is still a little slow, but there have been a few big ones (near 40 and 40+). Just a couple of lake trout (biggest is 37 inches).
Today the wether is unseasonably cool with all day (on/off) rain. Many guests decided to sleep in, have walleye chowder soup for lunch and just fish for a couple of hours.Hopefully fishing activity with ramp up tonight..I like seeing those big fish!