Saturday, August 10, 2013

End of another fun week.

Just a quick recap/update for you daily bloggers. The fishing did pick up as the week progressed and the guys found some nicer fish. I even got out fishing a few times with my brother, who came up for the week with his family. We did quite well the first night out, we boated over 50 fish. The next trip out we got 20 or so. And last night we only got about a dozen but there were a couple of nice 20"+ walleyes. David Rodgers was the walleye whisperer last week as he quietly caught over 200 walleyes for the week, with many in the 24-27" range. Nice work David!! We had quite a few new guests last week and I think the changing weather conditions made it harder than it should have been. Guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching. Jillian and I truly enjoyed meeting the new groups and we look forward to seeing them next year.
Thanks also to my brother and his family for making the long trip up, it is always nice to have family and friends stay for a visit. And thanks for "dragging" me out fishing. By the way, when you look at the pics of the new cabin (which will be up soon), the rocks around the concrete footings was my brother's idea. I have to give credit where it is due :)

He may be the 'smiley-est' baby ever. He is also REALLY close to taking his
first steps! YIKES. 

Pop quiz...who is more tired me or Jeremiah?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bear Hunting Update...

Just a quick update on how my bear baiting is progressing...I have baited 9 sites so far and will be baiting 5 others today. Almost all of the baits have been hit, most by multiple bears and some definite shooters. The blueberries are out and by the amount of scat that I have been seeing, the bears know exactly where they are (nice snacks for me as well). I will be updating the Bear hunting page as often as I can, so if the pics do not show up on our main page check the hunting page.

I have had some trail cameras go bad on me this year, so I will be a bit slower to rotate the working ones to all of the sites. Should be no problem, however, to have pics from all sites by opening day. I have also had to modify some of sites due to the October snow storm damage. The snow was so heavy that it knocked down thousands of trees throughout the entire region making some roads impassable. I encourage all hunters to be well dialed in with their weapon (as always) and be in good shape, as tracking a bear in this blowdown will not be easy.

I have put pics of small, medium and large bears...can you tell which is a shooter? Tip: look for small ears, big belly and back end, legs and feet that look small compared to body, size of bear in relation to bucket or tires.

Notice the time on the camera, then look at next pic...

The weather and the fishing are cool.

It has felt more like fall than summer lately. The temperatures the last few days have barely reached the 60 degree mark during the day and last night we may have touched 39 degrees. Add a steady breeze to that and you have some chilly fishing conditions. The groups are still landing some quality fish but they are working hard for them. The fish seem to be a little confused with the drastic weather change just as we are. The forecast is for a warming trend, so hopefully that will help with the numbers. The groups still caught plenty of fish for a camp shore lunch and some nice eaters to take home.Below are some pictures of how their week is going...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Slow start to the week

Just a quick fishing far the fishing seems to be kind of slow overall. The walleyes have been quite elusive for some of our new groups. Other guests, however, have had a nice start to their week. David Rodgers is an early leader in the walleye department. He has caught close to 100 walleyes so far. His biggest so far is 27 inches. He has also boated many more in the 22-25 inch range. Other guests have caught their share of slot size pike (27.5-35.5 inch) along with an occasional eater size walleye or two. Hopefully the storms that rolled through today will kick the fishing into a higher gear.

More pics for the Grandparents