Saturday, July 30, 2016

What's missing from this picture? Answer coming soon...

Fishing as hot as the weather!

Sorry for the delay in getting this post up. I know many of you were waiting to see your pics on here but what can I say, sometimes things move on camp time...especially on change over day.

Anyway, last week was a great mix of awesome guests and terrific fishing.
Once again there were eater sized walleyes being caught all over the place. We also saw quite a few larger ones as well. Larger pike are still a bit tougher to come by but, as you will see from the pictures, a few guests boated some monsters. With the warmer temps, the pike are going to remain in or around the colder water.

The warmer weather also came with a break in the wind, so fishing on the main lake was much easier.
As a result, we saw some more lake trout being caught along with quite a few whitefish and burbot.
Big white jigs seemed to be the ticket.

The guests who took the opportunity to portage to other lakes also had good success with finding some muskies and smallmouth. Throw in some jumbo perch and our guests last week can say they pretty much caught every game fish Red Lake has to offer. Nice work everybody!!

Here are your bragging pictures you gave me... enjoy. And thanks again for such an awesome week!