Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 3

Our third week was again filled with some up and down weather, along with some up and down fishing. When the weather cooperated, the fishing was quite good. But, when the the weather turned nasty, so did the fish. The boys last week toughed it out and were able to boat some really nice fish.
A few more 40+ pike (lots in the 30-39 range), lots of "eater size" walleye, and one trout. We also have a new walleye leader. Jerry boated a huge 27.5" walleye while fishing in some wet and windy weather. I am still waiting on some pics to be emailed from the boys.

Also, we are waiting to have our satellite service updated, so our service has been EXTREMELY poor this season. So uploading pictures has been a hit or miss, which is why we have not been very up to date on this blog. We hope to have our new service next week. You will know when it is installed because there will be a ton of knew pics posted.