Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fishing update May 28, 2014

Well the fishing report around here is...the numbers are smaller but the fish are big. Everybody is catching fish, but just not in super big numbers. We are still seeing some really nice sized fish, though. Many walleyes in the 23-27 inch range and more BIG pike. Seems like everyday someone tells me a story about another 40 incher that was caught. Eater sized walleye have been a bit slow, but the boys caught enough to have a great shore lunch today. Also, walleye omelettes have been a tasty treat this year, YUM!

I promised to post some of Dave's big pike that he caught the other day, so here we go. I am also including some of the other recent "big boys" that were caught in the past couple of days. I should also note that Dave, Lee and Joe all fish in the same boat! Yep, that is one hot boat.

40 inches

41 inches

43 inches

Joe with a 40 incher

Lee with a 27 inch walleye

Lee with another big "eye"

Joe with a huge walleye

Joe with another 40

Sylvain with his monster 43 inch pike

Monday, May 26, 2014

Swimming in May

With an unusually HOT day in May, the only smart thing to do is go swimming. Jeremiah and Josie spent much of their day splashing around in their pool. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we had to endure the surprise hot day.

The kids running over mom. 

Start of week 2...

With roller coaster weather and the arrival of 5 new groups, things have been quite busy the past 2 days. The guests are settled in, and after a slow first day, are starting to catch some nice fish. They have also got a chance to experience the ever changing Canadian weather. On Saturday the temps soared into the mid-80's and today we will be lucky to break 65 deg. Add some heavy rain, fog and wind, and you get the idea of what Spring is like in Red Lake. But that does not stop our fishing troops from finding quality fish.

The biggest story so far comes from Dave Wiggins. Yesterday he landed 5 pike over 40 inches. Yep, I said FIVE!! He just missed the double hat-trick because he had a sixth fish that measured in at 39.5 inches. I don't remember exactly what all the sizes were, but I believe it was something like...40, 40, 41, 41.5, and 42. I will update that tonight along with some pics. Also, all of the fish were caught with out a leader, hand landed and released.  Awsome job Dave!!!!

The others in camp are also catching some quality fish as well. Cameron is our first 27 inch walleye member for 2014. He, along with his dad Brian and boat partner Frank, caught plenty of quality walleyes yesterday. Many of the fish were over 18 inches along with a few in the 24-26 inch range. 

Cameron with his 27 incher

Brian with a nice over

Frank with one of his big walleyes