Saturday, March 11, 2017

Group of the Week - Repetta

No way will I be able to do this on a consistent or exact weekly time frame, so please do not chastise me for any lapse in Blogging "the group of the week". Why you ask? Because it is almost spring and that means we are soon packing up for camp, which is crazy time around the Slavich household. But, after going through thousands and thousands of pics this winter, I really want to showcase some of the truly great people that have made our camp special...and of course brag about there fishing abilities. So I promise to do my best. If anyone wishes to submit a written summary or testimonial about their group, I will be more than happy to post it and add any pics that I have of the group.

This weeks group is known as the "Repetta Group".  Art, Jim, and Joe Repetta have been guests of Black Bear Lodge for decades. They are always accompanied by numerous friends and relatives who are also regular guests. The is typically our first group of the season and they may be the most die-hard group of fishermen that I have seen. They will spend 10 -12 hours on the water in any type of weather that Red Lake chooses to through at them. As you will see from the long list of photos, not only are they some of the best Jig fishermen from our camp, but the are without a doubt the photographers when it comes to trophy fish pics. They always make sure the fish is being held correctly and that the lighting is just right. And they do it with as little stress to the fish as possible. A unique thing about this group is they do not use landing nets. They hand land every fish they catch! Makes for some cold hands when the lake temp is barely 50 degrees at times. I should also note that they are huge advocates of catch and release. Almost all of the fish in these pics are still swimming today.

Enjoy the pictures....(and this is only a small sample of what this group has caught over the years!)