Friday, July 26, 2013

The end of another great week

Well I will start off by saying sorry to all of our daily Bloggers for not keeping you all updated. With 40+ people in camp and a cabin to build, this was a very busy week for us and I did not get much time to write.

So, here is what happened...

On Monday, because fishing was that good, we had an all camp fish fry, it was delicious.
On Tuesday the Yorkville group had their annual Derby  Day fishing contest. And to make it even more  exciting, it was also Hawaiian Day. Everyone in camp dressed in colorful Hawaiian outfits, wore flowered lays and we cranked up the Jimmy Buffett in the main lodge. It was quite entertaining. Below is the results of the fishing Derby. (They were paired up in teams of 2 and the most combined fish wins Teams were decided at random after the day's fishing by drawing cards).

1st - Bob Mance, Jordan Neville - 78
2nd - Doug Hansen, Jarred Still -76
3rd - Pat Neville, CC Ritter - 74
4th - Jordan Richardson,  Josh Still - 73
5th - Mike Anderson, Ken Spaeth - 68
6th - Caleb Mayhorn, Joe Stenger - 54
7th - Robin Renner, Jacob Mance - 50
8th - Jake Still, Steve Wright - 50
9th - Bridget Spaeth, Jim Still - 45
10th - Eric Biegalski, Tim Mayhorn - 45
11th - Brett Renner, Kate Ritter - 42
12th - Brett Ruiz, Matt Still - 38
13th - Billy Spaeth, Jerry Neville - 35
14th - Kris Still, John Wagner - 30
15th - Jody Hansen, Brad Sherwood - 27
16th - Peter Raak, Ashley Wright - 21
17th - Joel Raak, Bobby Ritter - 19
18th - Jay Richardson, Colin Martin - 16

Wednesday was a little slower fishing day for some, but we enjoyed some nice weather.
Thursday it rained almost all day (it was much needed) and Friday the wind blew all day. It did make fishing a bit more difficult, but the groups in camp know how to find the fish, and they boated some quality fish and lots of eaters.

The Yorkville group finished off the week by having their traditional awards night in the main lodge. Here is how their final standings ended up...

Biggest Walleye - Eric Biegalski (student) - 25.5 in
                            John Wagner (adult) - 25.75 in

Biggest Pike - Jake Mance (student) - 34 in
                      Brett Renner (adult) - 39 in

Most Walleye - Josh Still ( student) - 281
                         Pat Neville (adult) - 213

Most Pike - Jacob Mance (student) - 39
                    Ken Spaeth/Bob Mance - 32

Total Fish - Josh Still (student) - 292
                   Pat Neville (adult) - 226

Biggest Trout - Brett Renner - 36.5

Most Trout - Brett and Robin Renner - 4 each

TOTAL FISH for the group - 4488 (This beat their old record by almost 1000 fish)

Also, congratulations to the winning team for the week who had a combined total of over 1100 fish...
Pat, Peter, Jarred, Ken, Colin, Jordan R, Billy, and Mike. Way to go boys!

The George group also did quite well this week. Their group boated several fish over 24 inches, 2 of which came in at 27 inches. They also had a 40 inch pike to their total.

Brian and Patty fish a lot off the dock and they also caught their share of fish. One day, Brian caught 61 fish from the dock!

Another interesting note, the George group and Josh Still (who had the most fish this week) fished mostly with Gulp bait. They trolled them with spinner rigs. Josh only used 3 all week!!

We would also like to send out some BIG thank yous to the group leaders for putting together some amazing  groups. Jim Still always runs a fantastic week. For Pete George, this was his 50th trip up to Black Bear Lodge in 47 years! Wow!! Brian and Patty are always a joy to have around camp, thanks for playing with our kids and thanks for the cheezers Brian! Drive home safe everyone and we look forward to next year.

Enjoy some pics of the week...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cabin Update

With the nice weather still hanging around, I was able to get half of the roof covered with steel. The front porch rafters are set and covered with plywood and will be ready for steel today if it does not rain.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Porch rafters are on.

The progress on the cabin is slow and steady.
Today the porch rafters went on as did some of the
under layment. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the
plywood on and then I will be ready for the steel roof. 

To many fish to count...

All of the groups had a great day of fishing today. Lots of numbers and some bigger sizes. There were many walleyes over 20 inches with the largest at 27 inches, caught by Pete George. The George group caught lots of the bigger fish but the Yorkville group brought in some big numbers again. I do not know the total number for the group but it must have been close to 500. There were a few guests who caught around 50 fish by themselves. The girls in the Yorkville group continue to hold their own in the big fish categories. C.C Ritter caught a 24 inch walleye, Kris Still caught a 24 inch walleye, and Ashley Wright caught a 23 inch walleye. Way to go girls!

Steve and Ashley with a couple of nice walleyes.
I think they are quickly getting a handle on how to
catch walleyes on Red Lake. Great job.