Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another big project underway

Everyone seemed to enjoy the play by play of the cabin move, so I thought 
I would post some pictures of my latest project. I am finally tearing apart and 
rebuilding the walkway to our main dock. The boards and cribbing have needed
some serious upgrades for some time now. Unfortunately it is a project that is 
hard to do when we have guests that need to use the main dock. With only 2
small groups in camp this week and the water being very low, it has to be now.  
The first picture is what the walkway use to look like. The next couple of pics
show the demo and rebuilding process. I hope to have it 100 percent done by 
early this week. It will depend on the hunters and the weather. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Michigan Boys are done hunting

Corky with his first black bear

The "Michigan Boys" ready to drag their last bear.

Congratulations to Corky for getting his first black bear. He earned every
inch of this bear because he logged a lot of hours on stand before shooting
this one. He also showed great patience early in the week by passing on a few
bears he easily could have shot. He was also lucky enough to witness just how
curious younger bears can be. He had a small bear come up and visit him right
at the base of his stand (which was only 10 ft high). The bear spent some time 
under his stand playing with the strap which was hanging down. Corky had to 
eventually cut the strap short so the bear would move away. But with his curiosity 
not satisfied, the bear proceeded to climb up Corky's tree. Corky had to 'shoo'
away the bear before it ended up in his lap.

Thanks to the entire Michigan crew, you all did a great job on your first bear hunt!
We look forward to seeing you boys up here again soon. Maybe next time you will 
get a shot at one of those 400+ lb bears. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Number 3 is in the book!

Tony with his first ever black bear!!

Congratulations to Tony for getting his first black bear. Determination and patience
is what allowed him to him to get this beautiful boar. Tony stuck with the same site for 
3 straight days, logging a lot of sitting time on stand. At 5 o'clock tonight his patience
paid off. And not only did he get a nice bear, he also made good points with me because
there was no need to track this bear. He dropped it just feet from his ladder stand. 
Way to go Tony!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Another bear down!!

Mike with his beautiful bear
Mike has been hunting this site for 3 days now. He made sure to get on stand early
this afternoon and take advantage of the cool rainy weather. He was hoping for the 400 
pounder that we have seen trail camera, but decided to take the beautiful bear after he 
came to the bait 3 different times today. I can't say I blame him. It is a very beefy boar with 
a perfect hide. The bear also has a very cool white blaze on his chest. It will make a great mount.
And the best part (for me anyway) is that he dropped the bear in his tracks. No tracking needed, 
just a 100 yard walk to the road. Awesome job Mike!! 

First bear down!!

Jeremey with his trophy black bear.

Jeremy shot his first ever black bear last night. He was hunting at a sight known 
as North Wall and had this boar come in around 7 pm. After the shot, the bear ran
only 40 yards and ended up 20 yards from his ladder stand. But, like most bears do,
this one headed for the thickest and darkest part of the area. Even though we had a really 
good idea of where he was, it still took us while to find him. With the help from the 
other boys in his group, lots of flashlights, lots of courage and patience and lots of  
crawling on hands and knees, we were able to recover the bear with no issues.
Congratulations Jeremey!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thanks for another fun filled week!!

This was another week that just flew by. We had such a nice mix of groups and everyone got along
and helped each other out. The fishing was quite good and so were the fish fries. I thinks I may have set a personal record on the number of fish I ate this past week. And don't forget the hot wings, french fries and 
onion rings. Thanks again boys for another very memorable week. Can't wait till next year!

The boys doing group cartwheels.
and nobody got hurt :)