Thursday, June 29, 2017

Newark HS group(Update w/Pics)

A big thanks to the NHS group. It was another fun filled week. Lots of entertainment along with lots of fish. According to the fish boards, this was the best year of fishing this group has had. Every year they split up their group of 30-50 people into 4-5 teams and they write down every fish they catch. Awards are given each night and at the end of the week for biggest and most fish of each species and for the team with the greatest total. Here is a quick summary of their successful week...

Biggest Walleye: (S) Danielle G - 24.5"
                             (A) Chuck S./ Pat N. - 28"
Most Walleyes:    (S) Hunter L. - 69
       (over 15")     (A) Josh S. - 76
Biggest Pike:       (S) Alex W. - 44"
                            (A) Doug H. 44.5"
Most Pike:           (S) Bobby R. - 9
    (over 24")        (A) Tim M. - 18
Biggest Trout:     (S) Joe G. - 34.5"
                            (A) Pat N. - 35"
Most Trout:         (S) Becca S. - 6
                            (A) Joe S. - 5

Total Fish: 4251 / 2344 Keepers

As a group they boated 83 walleyes over 24", half of the group caught a pike over 30", 11 people caught their biggest walleye ever, 10 caught their biggest pike, and 10 caught their biggest lake trout.

To repeat what I posted last year, "this group really knows how to fish this lake!"

Thanks again from myself, Jillian, Josie and Jeremiah. We are already looking forward to next year.
Any chance you want to make it a 2 week stay???

 Still time to send me any goods pics you have. Here are the ones I have so far...

It takes a special man to run such a good group every year...
...Thanks again, CASH MONEY.