Saturday, June 29, 2013

Video of Josie perch fishing

This is a video of Josie and Dad perch fishing for the first time this year.

Rodel/Root trio

For those of you who were in camp this week, these are the guys you may (or may not) have seen wandering around camp early in the mornings and at dark.  That is because Brian, his son Cameron, and close freind and fishing buddy Frank, only come into camp to eat breakfast, shower and sleep. The rest of the time is spent anchored somewhere on Red Lake jigging for walleyes. And yes, they know how to catch walleyes. I am quite sure they quitely caught a few hundred this week. Below are are few pictures to prove they really do exist and that they know how to boat lunker fish. 

Thanks for another great week boys! We look forward to seeing you again in August.
Lets go jigging at least one night together.

Keith's biggest fish

"Attached is a picture of the 14lb 10oz Laker that I caught this year at Black Bear.  This is the new biggest fish of my life and fighting it was a blast.  Thanks for having us we always look forward to our time at Black Bear, hope to see you again next year to try for a new biggest fish of my life."

Keith Clendenin

Thanks for sending us this picture Keith. We never get tired of seeing
all of the great fish or guests have caught. Thanks again to you and
your group for giving us some more lasting memories. Have a great summer!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weather and fishing are both up & down

Eric Earhart with a 40"ish pike
He never got a real acurate measurement
on this one. He and the other boys in his group
are definitley holding their own when it comes to
catching fish, eventhough almost all of them are first
timers on Red Lake. I would post more pictures, but I
am having a hard time loading some of the pics due to
the fact that they are using really nice cameras and my
computer can not read the files. I will get more up once
I get it figured out. They are catching plenty of fish,
I promise.

Biggest laker from Black Bear Lodge?

I found this picture of Mark buried in an old shoe box the other day.
I am now on the hunt to find a picture of a bigger lake trout than this one 
(caught by a Black Bear Lodge guest) if there is one. If you think you can
de-thrown Mark as" Laker King", submit your photo and fish dimensions.
The search is on...

Mark Dams 42" 30lb laker.
Click on the picture to get a better look

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hawks Win!!!! Hawks Win!!!! Hawks Win!!!!!!!!!!!

We did not do much fishing after dinner tonight. We instead huddled around our satellite radio and listened to the Chicago Blackhawks win the cup! What an amazing finish. Way to go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And they are off to a great start...

The boys had a great first day. Lots of walleyes for tomorrows shore lunch.
And, as you see from the photos, some big boys as well. I believe everyone
in camp caught fish today. Some even caught their best fish ever...and it is only
Sunday! Sure hope they can keep this success going.

Ethan with a nice slot size pike.
He told me a story about a 50"+ pike he lost
earlier in the day. Sure would be nic to have seen that one!

Ethan with a 25" walleye

Ian with a 43" pike.