Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Drone footage

We have had 4 guests this year bring up drones. Here is an example of the pictures they can take...this is what our summer home looks like from above.

Fishing continues to be good

Still trying to get some fish pics from this crew. What happens mid week when the fishing is good?...Shore lunches of course. Actually, there has been at least one shore lunch every day so far. Why not, right? When the average walleyes being caught are 16-18 inches, it does not take too many to feed a bunch of guys on there "lunch break". Sure beats PB&J.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Smaller group, cooler weather and a little slower start to the fishing. The much needed rain that came through Friday night also brought us much cooler temps and wind blowing in from the NE. We have not seen East winds in more than a week, and this tends to slow down the bite...the recent mayfly hatch does not help either. 
We are still seeing some nice fish, however.
In fact, we now have a co-leader in the biggest pike category. Jeff caught a 44 incher this afternoon...he also caught a 38 inch pike on the swim dock.