Friday, May 31, 2013

Waugh group playing cards

What a great way to end a great week!
Thanks again for a great first week.
We hope you stay in touch throughout the year, and
hope to see you and the rest the boys next summer!!

The Pivas group had a nice last day...

While much of the camp stayed in and tried to keep warm and dry, Matt, Dave and John battled the weather and caught some really nice fish. The worse the weather, the better the fishing. Great job boys!!

Dave with the first 27" walleye of the year!

Dave with a 42 1/4" pike!

Matt with another nice pike!

John (aka Mr. 40 inch) with a 40 1/2" pike!

Rain, rain, and more rain

Well we finally got some much needed rain. Northeast winds have been making things
pretty nasty around here the past couple of days. Temps barely making it to 50 deg and winds blowing 15-30 mph. Even broke a section of dock off the far pierthis morning. The positive to all of this...pike fishing was great last night (for those who battled the rain, wind and cold)...and the bugs are gone.
Soup is on for anyone who needs it!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Here is what Josie and I (with the help of Brian and Tom) hauled in this afternoon.
Guess who got to clean them while someone else went down for her afternoon nap? :)

Dad and Josie's first fishing trip of 2013

After seeing Brian and Tom come in with a mess of good eater sized perch, I decided it would be a good day to play hooky from work and take my daughter fishing. After lunch Josie and I followed the boys back to their perch homey hole in Hermans Bay and we tried our luck at bringing in some fish of our own.

This is the picture of Josie after reeling in her very first fish of the year. As you can see, she was just a little excited.
When the fishing slowed down, so did Josie. She said she needed a quit nap before getting back to the fish. This gave Dad a chance to catch up, she was up 7 to 1.

Having fun on the boat

 If you look close, this little guy is actually a muskie. It may not
be a wall hanger, but it gets Eric into our muskie club.

Here Bob is trying to show everyone just how mean a walleye can look.
This fish was definitely not having a good day.

Brian Waugh with a 42" pike

At 42 inches, Brian now is the leader for biggest pike of the year. He caught this big boy right in our bay, across the way by the outpost cabin. He was using a small jig and night crawler. Nice job Brian!

Dave and Bob with 2 nice Lake Trout

Monday, May 27, 2013

Slavich Family aka 4J's

Yes Mom we finally got a family picture :)
For some reason we seem to find it quite difficult to get
all 4 of us together for a decent photo. Any guests reading
this, feel free to ask for a group shot of us when you arrive.
At least that way we will have a better chance of getting some
more quality pics of ourselves. 

Our first official shore lunch of 2013

The guys did an excellent job cooking up a tasty shore lunch today. You just can not beat fresh walleye out of cold water! The weather also could not have been better, just a perfect lunch, thanks boys!
Dave was the chef today with good friend Gary as his trusted helper. I did not see one bad piece of fish. Amazing!!!

Camp news

Josie loves to read in bed after the generator goes off. She is getting really good at sounding out words and figuring out what each sentence means. Josie and Mom try to have some school time everyday, it is one of her favorite things to do (after riding in the boat with Dad of course).

J-Man just likes to play. He is not crawling yet but he is getting close. He is not doing such a great job sleeping through the night, but he is happy most of the day and he loves being held by anyone. I think he needs his first boat ride soon.

As for the rest of camp, we have been going full tilt for a few weeks now, trying to be ready for our full camp next week. So far kitchen is fully operational, most of the cabins are clean,  and I am putting in more boats and motors everyday. I still need to clear the portage trail to Suffel. The October snow storm knocked over 20 or so trees making the trail unpassable. I also have a bunch of dock work as well. Like I said, Busy, Busy, Busy...

Season has officially started at Black Bear Lodge

John Pivas with a nice 40" Pike caught day 1 right in our bay. John, his brother Dave,
and their friend Matt have caught a bunch of really nice pike in th3 32-40" range so far.
Last night they did really well in Youngs Bay casting Rapalas in about 7-10 ft of water.

Our other 2 groups are catching fish as well. The first day was kind of slow but,
last night most guests limited out on the Walleyes. So far there has only been
1 lake trout caught, however, I know a few guests will be targeting them today.
With nice weather again today, I would assume the fishing will be as good
as the shore lunches that are planned. 

The water is still very cold (barely 50 deg in some areas) so the fish are still a bit lethargic.
But as the water continues to warm the fishing should get progressively better also.