Saturday, June 23, 2018

Big fish wall...Season update

More pictures from last week and a season update for our fish totals...

So far our fish wall totals are:
200 walleye 25 inches+ (biggest = 30 inches)
85 Trout (biggest = 40 inches)
24 Pike 40 inches+ (biggest = 44 inches) 
24 Perch 10 inches+ (biggest =11.5 inches)
And we still have 2 more months left.

Hot weather but good fishing

Another great week! The weather was unseasonably hot, but it did not stop these 3 groups (NHS, Cargola and Ruden) from catching a lot of really great fish! The NHS group caught more than 4000 fish this week!! The biggest pike was 44 inches(also a 42 in), the biggest walleye was 28 1/2 inches(3 others@ 28 in), the biggest trout was 38 inches, and the biggest perch was 11 1/2 inches. 
Other highlights...the 3 groups caught 50 walleyes over 25 inches(5 @ 27 inches+), some nice mid 30's pike, 10 trout (8 that were 30 inches+), and lots of eater size perch. They even caught 4 smallmouth bass. 
Overall it was a great week...filled with fun, laughter, swimming, games, and of course great fishing. 
Thanks again to both groups! you guys rock!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

90 degree weather and still catching fish

We have a new pike leader. John, a first time guest, was able to boat this massive 44 inch pike after it latched onto his 20 inch walleye. Even with the crazy hot weather (90 deg today) the groups are still catching quality fish. The numbers have tapered off a bit due to the weather, but still seeing many walleyes over 20 inches. Also saw a few trout. 
And lets not forget the shore lunches, plenty of them this week. Also a lot of swimmers this week. Water temps are in the mid-70's. 
I will hope to have lots of pictures tomorrow and have the week's and season totals.