Thursday, May 31, 2018

What to bring?

Yes, the weather changes quickly up here, and YES there are mosquitos, black flies and no-see-ums. How bad? Really depends on the weather (which I just mentioned changes all of the time). Best advise...bring an assortment of clothes (light weight and winter along with good rain gear) and for the bugs...stay covered and bring a ThermaCell. If you do not know what a Thermacell is, do some research on-line and then bring up 2 (one for each half of the boat). It is a small portable unit that runs on a butane cartridge which heats up a small square pad that creates a 5-10 ft area of bug protection. In the cabin or porch, Mosquito Coils work great.

May 31

Well if you don't like the weather in Red Lake...just wait a day. I believe my last post had a picture of the thermometer reading near 90 it reads 50 degrees at noon. With strong NE winds and plenty of cloud cover, it is down right chilly!! We did get some substantial rain yesterday, which will do well to knock down the forest fire risk a bit.
Fishing has also improved... We saw better numbers yesterday (along with some more big ones). I will post week/year totals soon.

May 30

With only a couple of days left, this may be the warmest May on record. I could be wrong, and even if I am, I am telling you that this past 3 weeks have been crazy warm for spring in Red Lake. Todays temperature read 89 degrees...on our shaded porch! I did not even want to know what it was in the sunshine.
I may be wrong on this stat as well...but, I think this is going to be the driest May on record. We actually got some rain this evening...with more in the forecast for tomorrow. Besides today, we have seen only one other "substantial" rain event since we arrived a month ago. Still not enough to knock down the threat of fires, though.
The fishing (as it has been)is still spotty with big sizes being caught. Hopefully after this front moves on through we will start to see better numbers to go along with the jumbo sizes.
As you can see from the photos, Mike and Al had a good day today, despite the crazy warm weather.
And the groups supplied enough 'unders' to have a full on cheezer dinner!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

week 2- day 2

Still waiting on pictures, but, this week seems to be shaping up as the last week did...not a lot of numbers, but some more BIG fish. A bunch of 23-29 inch walleyes (29 is now our season best) was Tim's first fish of his trip!
There have been many pike in the 25-36 inch range, one more 40 incher. And the boys have caught a few more trout as well. Not bad for a day and a half of fishing!
Shore lunches and cheezers are in the forecast!

Our first boat ride...

 Jeremiah and I took our first boat ride tonight. We were out only for a short time, we just wanted to get out and see the lake. And yes, I got out-fished by my 5yr old son. He reeled in a nice 22 inch walleye, which needed a kiss before being released.