Friday, May 15, 2015

2015 season begins!!!

We are finally back home at camp! After a long cold winter it was great to pull into Black Bear Lodge and be greeted with open water in the bay. We arrived 10 days ago and have been working around the clock to get things ready for this weekend and walleye opener. Lots of cabins to clean and repair, we installed a new and improved water system, boats and motors are getting prepped, and I plan on rebuilding the last floating dock. There never seems to be enough time to do everything no matter how many hours you put in...but that's camp life :)

The weather started off great, with temps in the mid 60's and plenty of sun. Then mother nature decided to cool things down again. We have been dealing with steady rain and wind and temps in the 40's during the day and dipping near freezing over night. There is even talk of snow in the short term forecast. Yikes.

Two nights ago Mother Nature was nice enough to cue up one of the best Northern Lights displays that we have seen in years. We sacrificed some valued sleep to lay out in the yard and watch the spectacular display. The show lasted for hours! It is truly one of the great wonders of being up north.

We did have a couple of brave souls this past week who were willing to experience a not quite operational Black Bear Lodge. They battled the less than perfect weather in order to get a crack at some monster northern pike. Mike and Nick were not disappointed...they boated several big pike, including 3-4 over the 40 inch mark. Mike ended up with the biggest fish of the week, a giant 42" pike. Not bad for his first trip!! Nick boated a couple 40's of his own, including a personal best 41.5" monster. Nice going boys!!

Enjoy some of these Pics and spread the word that the Black Bear Lodge Blog is up and running again !!!! Looking forward to seeing our wonderful guest again soon!!