Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Finally Back!!

Sorry for the LONG delay in updating this blog. Finishing up the season with bear hunters, great fishing, closing up camp, saying goodbye to Red Lake friends, and crashing back into the "real world" does not help with me keeping this blog updated. Once we get back to the States it is a world wind of activities and playing catch up with friends and family. Not to mention heading straight back to work and getting the house back into order. Deer hunting season does not help either (that is my time). Then, once the blog is off my radar, I forget to do my Black Bear duties...sorry folks. Well enough with the excuses...lets talk Black Bear Lodge...

In a quick summary, this was the best year for walleye fishing in 10 years. The last few weeks were no exception, as the family and I would go out most nights after working all day and it was nothing to catch 50 fish. Does not help us get our camp chores done, but, you can't pass up fishing like that, right?! I hope to post the results of our Big Fish Wall  along with the biggest fish of 2017 very soon.

Bear hunting did not have the same success as the fishing, unfortunately. I believe I posted the Spring Hunt results already. The Fall Hunt was a tough one. We only had 2 hunters but I had to work hard to get them on bears. Both hunters saw bears, but only one of the hunters shot a bear. The weather was great and the berries were thick, 2 things that make early fall hunting difficult. The cams showed good bears on many of the sites, unfortunately lots of activity during non-hunting hours. Guess thats why they call it hunting and not shooting.

As for the family, the kids enjoyed another fun-filled season of activities and adventures. They are at a fun age where they can start expanding their boundaries and their creativity. Thanks to everyone who helped indulge their playfulness. They just asked me the other day, "Dad, when are we going back to camp? We really like it there."
I will try to get some fun family pics up for you soon.

Guests and Weather were both amazing! Aside from a few good storms and some stretches of drought, the weather this past season was near perfect. Lots of sun and and just enough wind to keep fishing consistent. Don't forget many cool nights for porch sitting and campfires.
As for our guests, Jillian and I both agreed that this was our favorite year so far. We had so much fun hanging out with our Black Bear Family. Every week we would comment how, "that group was so much fun...I wish they could stay 2 weeks!" or "I can not believe how fast that week went by."
I can not thank you all enough for bringing so much fun and love to our camp and our family.

Like my kids, Jillian and I are also looking forward to getting back to camp soon. But, since we still have a few months left, I will try to keep this blog rolling to keep everyone's "juices flowing" with good Black Bear Lodge thoughts and memories.

"I really should be updating the Blog right now".