Monday, June 30, 2014

Looking for the biggest and best...

I have updated the 2014 biggest pike, walleye and trout pages. I am also starting to put together a BBL all time biggest fish of each species. I get asked weekly about this, so I figured I would just list the top 10 of each on the Blog. So, if you have caught or know someone who has caught a very large fish while at Black Bear Lodge, please send me the pic and/or info about the catch. Spread the word because I do not want to leave someone out. I will be going through years of photos as well as looking on the table pics and pics throughout camp. Black Bear Lodge has been around for 60+ years, so I am hoping to get some good pics. If you send a picture to our email ( please include Name, Date, Size and Location(if known). A short story or recap of the catch would be even cooler. Come on gang lets find those fish!

I already posted some monster fish on the blog but need some details yet and to help get the momentum started... this is what I know as the biggest caught from our camp (unofficially)...
Walleye = 32"
Pike = 50"
Trout = 42"
Muskie = 46"

Feel free to add other species if you wish.
My biggest Burbot was 32". Anyone top that?
Perch = 12"
White fish = ?
Small mouth = ?

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