Thursday, December 14, 2017

Great fishing in 2017

With consistent weather and years of practicing better catch and release practices, 2017 saw some pretty awesome fishing. I have not organized all of the pics yet, but I will do my best to add them to the "biggest fish" pages for 2017 as I come across them. Feel free to send me any pictures you have if you see your name on the list.

So how good was last season? Here is a quick recap of our "Big Fish Wall" ...

                         Total                  Largest    
Lake Trout -      126                  40 inches
Muskie -              5                    45 inches
Burbot -              12                   30 inches
40in+ Pike -        26                   47 inches
25in+ Walleye - 177                  30 inches
10in+ Perch -      36                   12.25 inches

Jen Anderson with biggest pike of 2017 - 47 inches.

Notice our camp in the back ground!?