Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grandma wanted more kid pics...

Already Queen of the castle

"I am looking for a cure for these cankles"

Blurry picture...but still impressive!

Thanks to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Laura and
Kevin, Tim and Matt for my bike. I ride it all of the time.

Striking a pose in her new swim suite

"Hi Grandma and Grandpa"

"Hello to Great Grandma, all of my uncles, aunts,
nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, and all of my fellow Bloggers"

Hinsdale South High School

Sorry to those who have been checking the BLOG on a daily basis. I have been a little busy this week and have not gotten to update it as often as would have liked. So to make up for that, I have posted a bunch of pictures and comments for your viewing enjoyment. 

Fishing overall was slower this week, but not from a lack of trying. The 2 groups in camp fished hard even through the warm weather, and were able to boat some quality fish. 

I kept busy by starting the rebuilding process of the new cabin, which is why I have missed a few days of posts. I will post the progress of the cabin soon.  

Zach's first walleye ever. He then
went on to catch plenty more that night.
It did not take him very long to figure out
the walleye game. 
The group's fearless leader, Jim, giving
them a pep talk before heading out for the day.
Thanks for running such a great group your
first time out!!!
Mike demonstrating how aggressive the
perch can be. What was that little guy thinking?

The gang caught plenty of fish for shore lunc

The boys worked in the kitchen while...

...the girls volunteered to fillet the fish.
No comment on the hair. 

Every did their part at shore lunch.
Jim Sr. cooking up the potatoes and onions.

Hanging out on the back deck after dinner.
It was fun to watch how this group get along with
each other and truly enjoy being at camp.
We got to hear some good stories as well.
Don't worry gang, what happens in Canada,
stays in Canada. 

A little late night twister anyone? I believe Erin
won this one but only because she is 3 feet taller
than Josie and Catherine had to deal with her sunburn.
We can not say it enough...WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!

Even the boys got into it. Hope they stretched first.

Cool clear nights made for some
great camp fire weather. 

The scale reads 12 lbs.

That is one big fat pike!!
George and his mom Natalie caught
their share of fish this week. Here is one
of many that they boated.

Erin with the biggest pike of the week.

Thanks for a Great Week !!!