Friday, May 18, 2018

All-day rain with an epic finish.

We just endured our firsts all-day rain event. It was also accompanied by north winds and temps in the low 40's. Mom and Dad still had lots of work to do...but the kids got lucky and they enjoyed the day in a nice warm cabin watching movies and playing on their iPads (only happens on rainy days).
They also made themselves comfortable in OUR bed.

The one great thing that can come from stormy weather...if the system moves out before nightfall we get treated to amazing sunsets! There is NO trick photography or nearby forest fire...and yes, this is from one evening! Enjoy...


Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17

Feels like this is the first time I have sat down in 3 days. No matter how many times we have done this or how many days before opener we always seems like we are scrambling to be ready for our first guests. I just can not believe we have been here for 17 days already! It feels like we only just arrived and we should be knocking things off our To-Do list. actually has been 17 days...and things get added to our list faster than they come off.
With the weather being extraordinarily beautiful the first 2 weeks, Jillian and I have actually made some great progress and have completed many jobs that typically don't get done this early in the season. Unfortunately that means other "necessary" projects are now high up on the list. Especially since we are suppose to get our first real rain event since we arrived. We had maybe one day of gloomy, one day of snow, and a couple days of cold. Otherwise, sun, sun, and sun. That also means the fire hazard is at a dangerous level.
Already numerous forest fires in and around our area. so the incoming rain is actually a good thing. Now...where the heck is my rain gear??

Monday, May 14, 2018

May 14

Been a few days since last update...busy, busy, busy!
We got our big groceries order delivered (5 pallets worth), which took us close to 8 hours to off load and get put away to their correct spots. Also put it 9 boats (starting to look like a fishing camp), we got our fuel delivered, we cleaned a bunch of cabins, put down fresh gravel and graded the camp road, cut down a couple of trees, cut the lawn and got rid of all of the leaves and sticks, Jillian is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and the fish house and minnow house are both up and running. And still our "to do list" is not much shorter!! So yah...not much time for pictures or fishing or blogging...sorry.

Ice update as I have heard from others...almost all ice on Red Lake is gone. With the consistent warm sunny weather and the high winds to go with it, I am surprised there is any talk of ice at all. Spring is here...lets go fishing!! Walleye Cheezer season is 5 days away!!