Saturday, June 18, 2016

found some pics from a few weeks ago.

Sorry I missed these. I must have dropped these into the wrong folder.
Matt and Rob had quite the week earlier this year, as they managed to boat 8 (yep eight) pike over 40 inches.
Matt (aka Mr. 40) landed 7 of the 8, but Rob walked away with big fish honors. His massive pike measured 43.5 inches!! They also caught numerous pike in the 30-39inch range as well as a few lunker sized walleyes. And lets not forget...plenty of eater size walleyes for shore lunch.
Way to go boys, that is one heck of a week!!

43.5 inch pike!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

pics continued...

More Pics...

After talking with and saying goodbye to many of the groups tonight my hunch was confirmed, it was a great week of fishing! Here are a few more pics to prove it.  The Christopherson group estimates they boated over 1000 fish between the 7 of them. They also wanted to say 'Hi' to Tony C.
We all hope your dog is doing better and we sure missed seeing you up here. Don't worry, there will be plenty of big fish for you next year...unless you want to squeeze in a late season trip?

The fishermen/women are faster than me!

With another full week of veteran fishermen, it is no surprise that we saw a lot of nice fish this week. We saw big sizes as well as big numbers of fish of every species. I consistently heard guys catching 30-50 walleyes per day. I believe a couple of boats even surpassed the 100 mark. The only bad part is that I have a hard time keeping up with the photos and blog. Here is a quick summary of the fish that made our fish wall along with a few pics that were submitted already. I hope to get some more updates soon.

Biggest Fish Caught This Week...

Northern Pike:
41" Ben Kirgan
48" Rod Hinrichs (NEW Leader)
42" John Kirgan
41" Jake Simmons
40" Al Foersted
44" Dave Christopherson
40" Brian Waugh
41.5" Wayne Obenauf
44" Ken Thorgesen
41" Jim Slavich (off of the swim dock)

25.5" Ryan Hinrichs
26" Ken Thorgesen
25"+ 25" + 25.5" Boone Thorgesen
25.5" Adam B
26" Dave Christopherson
26" Dave Elder
28.75" Rich Wellhausen (NEW Leader)
25.75" Jake Simmons
26" Scott Purcell
26" Jim Castner
25" + 25" Todd Anderson
25" Ben Purcell

Lake Trout:
35", 31" Ryan Hinrichs
38", 14" Tim Green (yes, really a 14 incher!)
39" Dave Christopherson (NEW Leader)
38" Dick Kirgan
32", 32", 31" Jake Kirgan
33", 36", 12" Vic Mead (New Leader for Smallest Trout)
32, 32, 34, 34, 34.5, 35" Sky Kirgan
33", 37" Ben Kirgan
31" Rod Hinrichs
34" Larry Kirgan
33, 36, 37" Kaitlyn Kirgan (our leading female)