Saturday, May 26, 2018

Week one in the books...

Sorry for the delay on this has been a long couple of days. Move out and move in days are typically quite long around here. I was also waiting on some more fish pics.
So here is how week 1 ended up...
60 walleyes over 25 inches with 14 of them 27-28 inches. 28 is the biggest written on the board but, I thought I heard someone had a 28.5. Please confirm this boys.
There were only 4 pike 40+ inches with 42 being the largest (many in the mid-30's).
They caught 10 lake trout, with 38 inches (20 lbs)still the biggest, but second place is now 37 inches(22.5 lbs).
And finally there were 6 jumbo perch caught (10-10.5 inches)
I will have a bunch more pictures from this past week as soon as our guest send them to me...there are some amazing ones!! 
Jillian and I had a great first week with our guests. We can not thank you enough for making our opening week so much fun and so memorable for us AND our kiddos.

37 inches 22.5 lb laker!!
By the way...Kevin caught all of his fish on the same
lure...a small pink jig. 

There is nothing better than fresh fish cooked along the shore
with great friends and a beautiful view!!

Taking a break from fishing and from the hot sun
...playing cards on the front porch and enjoying the shade.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 23

Ok, so with 14 fisherman in camp, in 5 days, here is what we have so far on the big fish wall...
Pike - 4 over 40 inches...biggest = 2 @ 42"
Walleye - 31 over 25 inches...8 that were 27" or more...biggest = 28.5"
Lake Trout - 8 total...biggest 38" 20 lbs
Perch - 3 over 10 inches

Quick summary so far...very hot and sunny weather (mid 80's) with minimal wind, so afternoon fishing is slow and overall numbers are low. However, lots of big fish being caught. Today we had our first ever 27 inch walleye double.
Yep, 2 fisherman caught fish at the same time and both fish were 27!! I will post pictures once they get sent to me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Pike leader...

Jeff Arch just took over top spot on our Biggest Pike board.
He landed a massive 42in pike this afternoon.
Other notable catches...38 inch trout, 30 inch trout, 28.5 inch walleye.
I hope to have an updated biggest fish tally soon. Also waiting an more pics from fishermen.

May 21

Another long day working around camp with maintenance and repairs. I will say camp is looking nicer everyday. 
The long day ended on a memorable note...
First, Josie got to go on her first solo fishing trip with 2 of our guests(no Mom or Dad). Apparently from what the guests report, she did great! Lots of stories, bragging and ribbing with her boatmates. She ended up limiting out on walleyes (many unders and an 18in). Thanks to her, Dad got to have a breakfast cheezer this morning! (That would be a cheezer on an English muffin and an over easy egg) YUM.
So, since Josie got to go fishing with the 'boys', Jeremiah wanted to fish on the swim dock for an hour. Well, as you may have guessed...he landed a lunker of his own. Using a special lure he received from a guest, he managed to catch a 36 inch pike! Considering he is only 40 inches tall himself and he used a 48 inch pole, that may be the catch of the year (proportionately)!!

And, YES, our guests are catching fish also!!
Starting to see a few more "under" walleyes but still lots over 20in.
Couple more good size pike (no 40's though) . And a couple of nice lakers.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Guests have arrived

Well the season has officially started. Our first guests arrived Saturday afternoon and it did not take them long to find some nice fish. The action has not been overly fast and furious but, we are seeing some nice sizes. Bunch of walleyes over 20 inches, many good size pike (30-37), and one lake trout.
The biggest fish so far is Kevins 42 inch pike! I believe the largest walleye is 28 inches (with a couple more at 27).

And, as per usual, the swim dock is producing walleye. Which means, YES...I have had my first Cheezer of the year. And still tastes amazing!