Sunday, July 10, 2016

What is a Burbot?

A burbot, also known as a ling cod or eel pout, is a deep water fish indigenous to Red Lake. It is not the most attractive fish in the lake, but it sure is a good tasting one. The burbot looks like a cross between a catfish and an eel. It has long whiskers and no scales. However, it is loaded with tasty white meat that many people call "poor mans lobster". Boiled or fried it is delicious. And if you are lucky enough to consistently catch these fish, there is no limit to how many you can keep.

Another great week in the books.

Small groups, but big fun. Thanks to all of the groups (old and new) who made last week a fun one for me and my family. We truly enjoyed your company and the time spent in camp. Overall fishing should have been better, but what we lacked in trophy fishing, we made up for in entertainment with guests. Stories and laugher always trump fishing...well maybe not 50 inch pike or 30 inch walleyes...that might be an even draw.

I am still waiting on some more pics from the different groups, but here are a few to get us started...

A beautiful full rainbow over camp.

No, these following pictures have not been altered. The Kuncl crew bring big fun in a BIG package.

Sorry Jeremiah, with the parents you have,
I don't think you have any chance of matching these boys.

To quote the boys..."this one was to small to keep."

I sure hope these boys are still loyal guests when Josie turns 13 years old.
Or I may just hire them out as body guards.