Friday, August 15, 2014

Fish are biting and the weather remains beautiful.

The boys hanging out on the new walkway
enjoying the beautiful view of our bay.

Here are a few pictures of the sunsets we saw last week...we sure are spoiled.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another big pike caught in our bay

Fishing so far this week has been pretty good. The guys are catching a lot of eater size walleyes and pike.
Some of the fishermen have even found some of the larger walleyes as well. Right now young Ethan is 
leading the week with the biggest fish so far. He landed a 38+ inch pike right in our bay this afternoon. 
He, like many of the guests this week, was fishing with a Rattle Trap bait when he hooked into this big boy.
Apparently the lipless crank baits are the hot lure so far, for both pike and walleye. If you are heading 
our way soon, make sure you bring a good supply of those babies. 

Ethan with his biggest pike ever, 38+ inches!!