Saturday, August 2, 2014

Walleye Cheezer

It is really hard to believe, but some people still do not know what a "cheezer" is yet. What a shame! 
Well, for you lost souls who keep inquiring what this sandwich is all about, I am re-posting it again. 

This is, in my opinion, one of the best sandwiches in the world.
Two years ago, with the help of Brian Waugh, we perfected my
walleye grilled cheese sandwich into what is now known as
"The Cheezer".
It has quickly become one of the favorites here at Black Bear Lodge.

How to make a cheezer...
                                                  - 1 freshly caught under walleye (13-16")
                                                  - Canadian rye bread
                                                  - 2 slices of American cheese
                                                  - 2 slices of bacon
                                                  - a couple of tomato slices
                                                  - a drizzle of hot sauce (for flavor not hotness)

Put the walleye fillets into a pot of boiling water for approx. 5 min or until they are white and flaky.
While the fish is boiling, grill the bread and cheese on a pan(open face grilled cheese). Reheat the bacon (we always have a bunch pre-cooked just for our cheezers). Once the walleye is done, put fillets on a paper towel to dry off  a bit. Then put all of the parts together and enjoy.  Works well with small pike or perch as well.
Try it, you will thank me later.


Did you ever wonder how a bear could reach a 7 ft high bucket of food scraps and not knock it down?

Now you know :)

Wow that was a fast week!

Well the groups this week left on a high note. The fishing steadily improved even with all of the blue-bird days. If you look at the background of almost all of the pics, you will see just how much wind we DIDN'T have. The groups endured and fished hard. We saw some good numbers of fish, just not a lot of lunkers.
Jillian and I really enjoyed all of the groups this past week and once again, it went by way to fast. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic week!! Here are a few more pics from the last couple of days.

Another 40 incher!!!

What a great view to wake up to. 

This is great way to deal with the hot sunny weather.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 11

With the beautiful weather we have had the past couple of days it is hard to remember how day one started for these groups. They arrived at camp around noon (as most groups do) and unloaded their vehicles and got ready for orientation.The weather was clam and comfortable. By the time we were done with our orientation and the groups got their gear in the boats, the wind picked up ALOT and was steadily blowing from the Northeast at 20 mph. A couple of brave souls went out before dinner but by the time dinner was over the storm from was over camp. Extremely high winds, rain, thunder and lightning which lasted well into the night. Needless to say, nobody went out in the boats on that first night.

Since that day. we have had very comfortable weather with gentle North winds and temps in the 70's. The forecast is for continued nice weather with temps touching 80 degrees. That crazy weather day one will be a distant memory for this week's guests by the time Saturday rolls around.

As for the fishing, there has been a consistent number of smaller walleyes being caught, but not too many big ones. The pike fishing has also been a bit slower than normal for this time of  year. The groups did manage to catch more than enough eater size walleyes for tonight's all camp fish fry. It was very good!!! The only trophy fish landed so far came from Chris. He landed a gigantic 46" muskie that probably weighed close to 30 lbs. WOW!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Another week in the books...

Sorry to all of you daily bloggers, I have been a bit lax in my updates this past week. We had another small group this week, some new guests and some returning veterans. The weather made things a bit difficult for fishing this past week. We had lots of sun and very little wind. It made it easy for me to work around camp but made it rough on the fisherman to find the bigger walleyes. They did catch plenty for a few shore lunches and for filling their coolers for home, however. It was a very fun group for Jillian and I. It may have been the most laid back week of the season. Even the family and I were able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. We went fishing and even made a trip out to Eagle Falls to visit with our friends. It was also the first week that we got to have some really nice campfires. The evenings were clear and cool which made the bugs disappear and the stars to shine. I definitely sacrificed some precious sleep time by staying out late at the fires. We even saw a glimps of the northern lights. I am still waiting for a magical display from the Aurora Borealis, however. They just have not been that great this year yet.

Thanks to all of the groups from this past week, we really enjoyed your company!! If you come across some good pics, please send them our way. Thanks again.

Here are some snap shots from last weeks fun...

Jeremiah's first official fish!!

Water fight with mom thanks to the care
package the kids got from Aunt Kathy.

Josie is turning into a good little fisherman...
when she is awake that is.

When it is hot and the pool is not blown up
then you improvise Black Bear style. 

Hanging out at campfire. 

More bears!!

Prep for hunting season is in full swing. Sites are being baited and the cameras are rolling. 
I plan on adding more and more trail cam pics as they come in. So far things are pretty normal.
The berries are out and the bears are quite active. I have seen quite a good number of  quality 
bears already and I have not even opened all sites yet. 

Big boy posing for the camera. Every hunter coming this year
should be drooling over this trophy.

Notice the size difference between this guy and myself!!

My maximum reach is 7ft high. Look where the bear's nose is. 

Think a 350 lb + bear can't climb a tree? WRONG!!

Browny is back at another nearby site!!

I put this little guy on here to show the hunters the difference
between a shooter and a photo opp. Nice hide though.