Wednesday, August 3, 2016

So long to an old "friend"...

 If you have not already heard, the Old Main Lodge has been taken down.

For 75 years the Old Main Lodge has stood in the center of camp and was the heart and soul of Black Bear Lodge. It was the main dining hall, the kitchen, the pantry and even sleeping quarters for a few guests and employees. Guests would routinely gather there at the end of a longs day of fishing and trade stories of their successful catches and about the big ones that got away. It was also a great place to play a game of cards and to spend quality time with friends and family. The walls of that building have had a front row seat thousands of stories dating all of the way back to WW2. It is almost hard to fathom. And it was truly hard to see it go.

The people who built this cabin truly did an amazing job, considering the tools and environment they had to work with. Mother nature is just hard lady to live with.  It is just a matter of time and weather before any building succumbs to her power. Many of the logs on the Main Lodge had begun to rot away and none of them had been spiked together so the building continued to creep and lean towards the lake. We attempted to save the shell of the building, but after removing both porches, we realized there was no way we were going to be able to bring her back to her true self.

Our plan for the future is to build a new cabin or 2 in its place. We may also put up a temporary gazebo for shore lunches and for guest to hang out at. It is a future project, so please do not expect to see any new structures next May.

Even after 2 weeks, I am still not used to the look of the big open yard. Although I do have some amazing views from our front porch.

The Main Lodge was a great building in its day and we will always hold it in a special place in our hearts and minds.

If you have any nice pictures of the Old Main Lodge (especially inside pictures) please share them with us.

Here are some pictures of how the cabin looked and how it was removed...

This is a rare picture of the old kitchen. The pantry is to the immediate left just off
the picture. This is what it looked like for 5 decades before the New Main Lodge was
built and this room became the back porch.

This is what it looked like in 2007. 

No more kitchen.

This was the main dining hall.

Front of cabin in 2007

Front of cabin in 2016

back porch in 2007

back porch in 2016

The last morning for the Old Main Lodge.
The back hoe is nearly half the size of the building.

Phase 1 - remove the back porch...

Phase 2 - remove the front porch....

Phase 3 - remove the main shell...

Phase 4 - Enjoy the new view from our porch...and answer the most asked question
from the guests...what are you going to build next?