Monday, March 19, 2018

Remember when...(updated 4/6)

Thanks to a couple of our long returning guests, I some some new (old) photos of how camp looked way back when. Funny how things look so much different...and yet, how Black Bear still looks like Black Bear.

These first group of pictures are from 1995.

The new Main Lodge the year it first opened 

The old outhouse. We just took it down 2 years ago.

The old Main Lodge stilling looking good. 21 years later it was removed.
It was built somewhere around the early 1940's I believe,
Maybe even the late 1930's.
Lots of memories for me personally when I look at this picture.
 It was sad to lose this building.

One of the original guest cabins. This is still standing today. We call it Old 2.
It may not be around too much long though. There are only 2 original guest cabins
left, and they are slowly fading away. 

TeePee that was build for fun one summer. Lots of memories from this one!

Tony with a fantastic Lake Trout! 

This was a common sight for those fisherman who targeted Lakers back then.
This was before the trout misterioysly started having trouble spawning in Red Lake. 

One of the Markshausen's black Newfoundlands. Often mistaken as a black bear
for any camper not paying attention when heading to the outhouse at night.

This next group of photos are from 1971...

This is the generator house that later became the fish cleaning house
and is being used as the minnow/bait house.

A view of how camp looked along the lake. Not a whole lot different really!

A great black and white !!
 Merv Millers old dog, not sure who the boy is??

The original outhouse I believe. I never saw the view before!!

One of the original guest cabins.

This was the original main dock that was located right in front of camp.
You can see the Old Main Lodge in the background and the old water tower
just to the left of it. 
On a calm day, you can look into the water and still see parts of the old cribbing
that supported this dock. In 1985 (my first year up), we spent a few nights sleeping
out on this dock star gazing and watching the northern lights and listening to the loons.

Not sure who the boy is? But, that is the old water tower in the background.
The cabin to the right no long stands. 

Serving dinner in the Old Main Lodge

Dinner in the Old Main Lodge

This is how we washed dishes in the Old Main Lodge. Guests would wash and 
rinse, and then leave through the door in the background. The pantry for all the food 
fit in the room to the right. Also notice the dish rack in the background. It was moved
and used in the new Main Lodge up until last year...when Jillian begged  for me to build 
her a new one. 

Front dock was built and used for float planes to drop off guests and supplies.

Looks like dinner time in the Old Main Lodge.
Recognize the dishes. Yep, we are still using those very same
green plates and bowls. They are nearly indestructible.
(estamate...50 years X 4 months/season  X 30 days/mo X 2 meals/day = 12,000 meals)

Fishing was apparently pretty good back then as well!!

The original Red Fleet of boats 1967.
That is Rick Miller with fish caught right off the dock.
Sound familiar to anyone???
Bet they didn't have Cheezers back then!