Tuesday, July 1, 2014

And we thought it was windy last week...

Yesterday the wind blew steadily strong from the South with gusts that lifted off some of the roofing on the cabins. Throw in some rain, thunder and lightning and you have some tough conditions to fish in. Today, the wind is from the North and just as strong as it was yesterday from the south. Not as much rain, but the temps have dipped below 55 degrees; it is July right???  Luckily for some of the braver fishermen, the fish will bite in these uncomfortable conditions. We are not seeing really big fish or huge numbers of fish, but they are catching some. Personally, I stay right on the dock to catch my lunch (6 fish in 30 min and right back to work). 

Steve with a nice 23" walleye

Steve with a very hefty 33" pike. 

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