Thursday, August 7, 2014

The jumbos were biting tonight!!

Over all, fishing has been pretty consistent. The bigger walleyes are being caught before
breakfast and after dinner. Most of the guests are having no problem catching the "unders".
20-50 fish per day is pretty typical for most. Pike fishing is still a bit slow.

Below is a snap shot of what I was able to catch in just a couple hours tonight.
Apparently the passing thunderstorms helped the fish get their 'bite on'. I caught about
20 walleyes and maybe 30 perch, all without leaving the bay. And without using
 any live bait!! All the fish were caught on a 1/16th once jig with a red and white tube.
(crappie size). The biggest perch measured 12 inches!!

I think I need to start a Lunker Perch Club.

P.S. Thanks to Happy from the SFFC for giving me a fresh supply of tube jigs!

My first 12 incher!!!

Two more tasty walleye specials...

Walleye roll-up
 This is similar to a walleye cheezer. First boil the walleye (or perch). Then put 
a flour tortillas hell on a frying pan to heat it up and to melt the shredded cheese. 
Once the cheese starts melting, add tomatoes, bacon chunks, sauteed onions, and walleye. 
Roll and eat.   Note: spicy mustard is great on this as well.  

Walleye omelette

Once again, boil up some walleye (or perch).Just before flipping 
it into a omelette, add the fish, tomatoes, sauteed onions, cheese, and 
olive muffalata . Fold the eggs and heat until fluffy. Crumble some bacon on top
and serve. This is a great way to start any me. 

P.S. thanks to Bruce for introducing me to the olive muffalata. It really is good 
on just about anything! 

Camp life

Josie reading to Jeremiah, Mom with J-man, and
Grammy and Josie hanging out on the main dock.

Swimming time!!! Jeremiah's first swim in the lake.

All camp shore lunch, YUM! 

What causes this???

Note: these pictures have not been altered in any way. We saw this cloud formation yesterday
just after dinner. I have never seen anything like it. Does anyone know what causes this? Or 
if it has a special name?? The darker clouds that appear to be shooting upward, are actually 
clear sky, I believe. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Another personal best!!

Another day and another personal best for this father/son team. Ben, Pat's son, pulled in his best
 ever walleye today. It was a 28.5 inch walleye. Not only was it his personal best but it was the 
2nd largest of the year for our camp. Way to go Ben!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

A personal best!!!

Pat surpassed his best ever northern pike tonight when he boated this monster 44 incher. 
He should get bonus points added on to this catch because he landed this giant using a 
5 1/2 ft ultralight rod and a 1/4 jig. Not exactly big pike gear, but hey, what fun would 
that have been. Great job Pat, that fish will easily put you into our hall of fame.