Friday, July 22, 2016

A crazy busy week...

I am still waiting on getting pictures from the groups, but overall the fishing was pretty good. I realize it sounds like a broken record (for those who do not know what a record is, you may want to google it) but there has been a lot of eater size walleyes and pike with an occasional big one here and there. The biggest fish of the week so far is Dennis Coon's 42 1/4 pike. Also, Joe Beuchel caught a 26 inch walleye and Brian Kitzerow landed a 25 inch walleye.

Considering how exceptionally hot is was this week, the groups did pretty well overall. Last week was by far the hottest week of the year. I will not go into details or brag about how we endured through the heat, because I well aware of how hot is was elsewhere in the States. Fortunately for us we have cooler coming.

Sorry Katherine I could not resist 

Dennis   42 1/4

July 9-16 Summary...

We had another pretty good week. The sizes of the fish have dropped off a bit, but there are lots of eater size walleyes and pike. Which means lots of shore lunches and "cheezer" sandwiches! The bigger fish this time of year tend to be a bit deeper or at least near the cooler water. So if you are searching for trophies, vary your strategy a bit or maybe consider taking a trip to one of our portage lakes. Here are some pictures from last week.

Also, I have updated the biggest fish pages for 2016. Still need to get some pictures up though. If you are on the list, feel free to resend your picture with accurate information.