Sunday, May 8, 2016

You must be a little crazy to be a camp owner...

In order to keep guests and surrounding buildings safe, some of the very large Poplar tress have to be cut down. Most can be dropped safely in one cut, but some of the larger ones, that are of course leaning the wrong way, must be cut down in stages. That means someone must climb up the tree and systematically prune the to portions first. Then the rest can be dropped safely without crushing any surrounding structures. And since the kids are not quite old enough yet to be 30 feet in the air, and Jillian is afraid of heights...that means I get the nod. I guess this is where 2 decades of competitive gymnastics and rock climbing finally pays off. Sorry you had to see this Mom. For those of you who have a queasy stomach for this kind of stuff...fear not, I was completely roped in and and Jeremiah was spotting me the entire time.

Guess I need to buy a bigger ladder.

Nice view from up here.

Fallen trees make great backwoods balance beams for the kids.

Mom says, "my husband is NUTS!"
Josie says, "please don't get hurt Dad."
Jeremiah says, "Awesome! Can I help too?"

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