Saturday, May 14, 2016

One sub-zero night down, one to go...

Well we made it through the first sub-arctic night without any issues...other than losing sleep that is. No frozen or broken pipes. Hot showers, laundry, and dishes are still in the forecast. I still have one more really bad night to make it through, then it looks like the 'real' spring temps will be back. At least the wind finally stopped blowing and the clouds have moved out. We even had a very gorgeous sunset to end a long day of cabin cleaning. That is why I have another sleepless nigh though, without the cloud cover, what little warmth we have will soon rise up and out. I am predicting low 20's again. BRRRRRR!!!!

Luckily both of our kids like to read. Lots of time for that lately.

Josie sleeps up in her "princess loft" while Jeremiah
sleep in his "cool big boy bed"

Even the kids are getting tired of the chilly temps. They thought its was great at first because we told them they could watch lots of movies and have some iPad time while hanging out in the warm cabin. But even that excitement is waring off. They would much rather play outside or help mom and dad. Just be careful what you wish for kiddies!

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