Saturday, June 27, 2015

When it comes to BIG pike, girls rule!!

Our top spot for largest pike now has co-leaders...and they are both girls. Kate tied Bridget's monster pike with a 45 incher of her own, which she caught on her last day at camp. She was using a special 'B-A-L ' (you can decide what the acronym stands for) that she got from a friend. On her 3rd cast ever with that lure, she watched the monster pike slam the bait. She held her composure together long enough to land the pike, along with the help  of her net man Peter. They quickly took a couple of pics and then released the giant pike back into the lake to fight another day. A truly great fish for a well deserving fisherman...I mean fisherwoman. Way to go Kate!!

We have not had a woman hold the top spot for Largest Pike of the Year yet, and now we have 2 sitting atop the leader board. Half way through the season, that is a going to be tough to beat.

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