Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two more tasty walleye specials...

Walleye roll-up
 This is similar to a walleye cheezer. First boil the walleye (or perch). Then put 
a flour tortillas hell on a frying pan to heat it up and to melt the shredded cheese. 
Once the cheese starts melting, add tomatoes, bacon chunks, sauteed onions, and walleye. 
Roll and eat.   Note: spicy mustard is great on this as well.  

Walleye omelette

Once again, boil up some walleye (or perch).Just before flipping 
it into a omelette, add the fish, tomatoes, sauteed onions, cheese, and 
olive muffalata . Fold the eggs and heat until fluffy. Crumble some bacon on top
and serve. This is a great way to start any me. 

P.S. thanks to Bruce for introducing me to the olive muffalata. It really is good 
on just about anything! 

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