Thursday, May 31, 2018

May 30

With only a couple of days left, this may be the warmest May on record. I could be wrong, and even if I am, I am telling you that this past 3 weeks have been crazy warm for spring in Red Lake. Todays temperature read 89 degrees...on our shaded porch! I did not even want to know what it was in the sunshine.
I may be wrong on this stat as well...but, I think this is going to be the driest May on record. We actually got some rain this evening...with more in the forecast for tomorrow. Besides today, we have seen only one other "substantial" rain event since we arrived a month ago. Still not enough to knock down the threat of fires, though.
The fishing (as it has been)is still spotty with big sizes being caught. Hopefully after this front moves on through we will start to see better numbers to go along with the jumbo sizes.
As you can see from the photos, Mike and Al had a good day today, despite the crazy warm weather.
And the groups supplied enough 'unders' to have a full on cheezer dinner!

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