Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May 21

Another long day working around camp with maintenance and repairs. I will say camp is looking nicer everyday. 
The long day ended on a memorable note...
First, Josie got to go on her first solo fishing trip with 2 of our guests(no Mom or Dad). Apparently from what the guests report, she did great! Lots of stories, bragging and ribbing with her boatmates. She ended up limiting out on walleyes (many unders and an 18in). Thanks to her, Dad got to have a breakfast cheezer this morning! (That would be a cheezer on an English muffin and an over easy egg) YUM.
So, since Josie got to go fishing with the 'boys', Jeremiah wanted to fish on the swim dock for an hour. Well, as you may have guessed...he landed a lunker of his own. Using a special lure he received from a guest, he managed to catch a 36 inch pike! Considering he is only 40 inches tall himself and he used a 48 inch pole, that may be the catch of the year (proportionately)!!

And, YES, our guests are catching fish also!!
Starting to see a few more "under" walleyes but still lots over 20in.
Couple more good size pike (no 40's though) . And a couple of nice lakers.

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