Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back after 2 weeks...

Sorry for the long delay, but things are rolling around here. Plus, we have had 2 great weeks of fishing and guests that have completely distracted me from many of my camp duties, including updates to the blog. But, here we go with an attempt to summarize the last 2 weeks...
...fishing is amazing and we have the greatest guests ever! The End

Here is a good example of the crazy number of eater sized walleyes we have been  seeing all year.
Shore lunch anyone??

Catching walleyes can be so exhausting.

In case you need more detail than that, here is a bit more...

After having our first ever week off (which we thoroughly enjoyed), we crashed back to reality with a week of 40 guests. Luckily for us they were all super great people. Many regulars along with the Sheboygan Falls High School group and a few new guest as well. It was a great week!! The fishing was great as well. As it has been most of the season, lots and lots of walleyes with a few more big pike to add to the fish wall. I will let the pictures do all of the talking.

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