Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wrapping up another fantastic week!

With one more fishing day to go, this has already been one of the best weeks of fishing we have ever seen. The walleye fishing is absolutely awesome. Lots of 16-20 inch fish that are thick and healthy, and and abundant amount of 25+ walleyes.

It is only June 15th and here is the Fish Wall summary...
Lake Trout - Biggest 40 inches - 100 total
Pike -            Biggest 46 1/2 inches - 16 @ 40+ inches
Walleye -      Biggest 30 inches - 122 @ 25+inches
Perch -          Biggest 12 1/4 inches - 14 @ 10+ inches

And yet again, this week we saw big fish honors change hands. Jackie is our new perch leader @ 12 1/4 inches, Rick T. is the new pike leader with his 46 1/2 inch monster, and Jim Kalina is the new walleye leader with his personal best 30 incher. Jim is also our longest returning guest, and this trip marked his 50th year at Black Bear Lodge!! We also want to thank Dick Haen for visiting us for another year, as he is our oldest guest at 87 years young!! See you next year Dick.

And of course thanks to our returning groups and new guests this week. I realize this may sound like a broken record, but, this was such a great week! My family and I can not express our appreciation enough, we just truly enjoy everyones THANK YOU again!

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