Friday, July 22, 2016

A crazy busy week...

I am still waiting on getting pictures from the groups, but overall the fishing was pretty good. I realize it sounds like a broken record (for those who do not know what a record is, you may want to google it) but there has been a lot of eater size walleyes and pike with an occasional big one here and there. The biggest fish of the week so far is Dennis Coon's 42 1/4 pike. Also, Joe Beuchel caught a 26 inch walleye and Brian Kitzerow landed a 25 inch walleye.

Considering how exceptionally hot is was this week, the groups did pretty well overall. Last week was by far the hottest week of the year. I will not go into details or brag about how we endured through the heat, because I well aware of how hot is was elsewhere in the States. Fortunately for us we have cooler coming.

Sorry Katherine I could not resist 

Dennis   42 1/4

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