Thursday, May 5, 2016

Things at camp are heating up!

No this thermometer is not located in the Florida Keys. This was the temperature in Red Lake Ontario on May 5th. The official high temp today was 86 degrees!! Usually this time of year we are looking for inside jobs because the wether is to cold or rainy, not to hide from the sun and heat.
While it is nice to get jobs done without getting soaked, we are way over due for some rain. The Red lake region reported its first forest fire of the season today. While no where in the same scope as what is happening in Alberta, it is still a wake up call that things are getting a bit on the dangerous side.
Other than the 10 minute drizzle we got last night, it has not rained here in nearly 3 weeks. Time for everyone to do a rain dance for all of Canada. Here is Jeremiah giving it a shot...

I even set up a tent for the kids, which almost always means it is going to rain. Guess they will be able to enjoy their special fort for a while longer yet.

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