Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nice finish to a great week.

As the heat way moved out, the rain settled in. I am not sure what the total amount was, but, Thursday I had to bail the boats 3 times. And not because I was being picky and didn't want any standing water in the boats. I am talking about near boat sinking amounts of water. i am not complaining, however, because we really needed the rain to bring the fire hazard down. There are still many active forest fires burning throughout the Providence, none that pose any immediate danger though.

The rain didn't stop are brave fishermen/women from catching some more nice fish to finish out their week. The group boated good numbers of eater size walleyes and pike. The larger walleyes were tough to locate this week. I believe the biggest was 25 or 26 inches. Lindy rigs with worms and leaches seemed to be the hot method.

The big surprise this week was the number of white fish and burbot that were caught. Eric and Dave said they boated more than 30 borbot and are each going home with a limit of whitefish (12)!
The Fuzzy-does-its were the hot lure for those species. Every guest who tried that lure caught either a whitey or a bot. We even spoiled ourselves a few nights when we boiled up some of the burbot and walleye and had some delicious 'poor mans lobster' snacks. Yum!!

The big fish of the week honors went to Jim Anderson. He boated a monster 42 inch lake trout. It must have weighed 30+ lbs. I am still waiting for a picture of that one. I lost count, but I bet the small group of fishermen caught more than a dozen trout this week.

Nice job gang! Drive safe and don't forget to send those pics.


  1. Will post review on computer. Composed very lengthy one, and lost it.

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