Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Josie is on the Big Fish Wall!!!

Josie caught her first lake trout tonight! She fought the big fish for nearly 20 minutes. Although she wanted to give up a couple of times, we kept encouraging her and told her to be tough and she stuck with it till the end. It was a very thick 32 incher. Once she got sight of it,  Josie kept screaming "It's a grown up! It's a grown up!" Then she realized she could actually put her name on the Big Fish Wall like she has watched 100's of guest do for 6 years. The shouts then turned into, "I made the chart, I made the chart, I MADE THE CHAAAAARRRTTT!!!" Yep she was a little excited. It was a beautiful fish and it swam away without any issues. That's my girl! Way to go Josie Mae.

Josie's first ever lake trout  -  32 inches

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