Monday, June 15, 2015

Arkel crew

This group of "men" deserve their own post on this blog. Proportionally to their size, 
these boys caught the biggest fish of the year. They consistently caught big fish everyday.
Preston, Logan and Matthew caught a total of 9 trout this past week. I could not remember how big each fish was in the following pics, so I will list them for you..
Matthew - 30 inches
Logan- 32", 32", 31"
Preston - 34", 36", 36", 33", 39"

Also, Hailey and Brook boated a couple of their own the night they joined the boys.
They measured 33" and 32" respectively.

And lets not forget they "gang" caught plenty of walleye and pike as well.
Way to go crew!!!

Resting up between big fish.

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